Conditions, before any registration!

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Nouveau Solidarity Social Network !


1°) Ce Solidarity Social Network, is open to all: Internet users, Companies, Associations, Craftsmen, Professionals, Artists, et Others...

For reasons of freedom and respect for regulations and laws in France, Abracada.FR is reserved to an informed and responsible adult public. The under 18 are not allowed to register on Abracada.FR. Anyone who breaks this rule is responsible for their actions, Abracada.FR, would not be held responsible.

2°) Ce Solidarity Social Network, works in English, by FREE or PRIVATE Groups, for countries English-speaker.

The objective ofAbracada.FR is to promote exchanges and the Shares between Citizens, in order to build a Better World, more Human, more Fraternal, more United and more Collaborative.


1°) On Abracada.FR, you are there to Build, not to Destroy
2°) Being Peaceful, Non-Violent, Humanist and Respectful of All Life
3°) Everyone can express their ideas or wishes, but never impose them
4°) Do not abuse, harass and moderate your comments and publications
5°) Remain polite, respectful, supportive and fraternal.
6°) No insults, threats, hatred, racism or homophobia.

For the rest, it will be completely FREEDOM!

4°) First of all Abracada.FR is Humanist, open to all, to all philosophies, all religion (included Atheists and Agnostics), to all cultures, to all diversities, professional, social or sexual, to all tastes, and to all colors.

Everyone is welcome on Abracada.FR !

5°) The purpose of creating an account is of course, to feed it and make it live. If you sign up and then leave your account abandoned several months, your account will be deleted automatically. You will of course be able to re-register for any time.

It may be that Abracada.FR ask for a financial contribution at registration, (for now it's free) and depending on the number of registrations. Those who registered for free will never have to pay anything. Some services may be chargeable, only if you want them.

6°) The Companies, Craftsmen et Professionals, are accepted, provided that they are respectful of the community of Abracada.FR. All the questionable shops, of style, clairvoyance (business), astrology (business), marabout & Co, the network marketing, the lousy plans, the scams, the undeclared companies, the opportunists, the money snags or and from power, are not welcome. Go your own way...!

Even by paying a possible registration, this one will never give you the right to do anything on Abracada.FR ! Also will be deleted, see banned by IP..., anyone who seeks to harm or use Abracada.FR, for personal purposes. Paying for a Moderate Access Ticket will ward off undesirables. The bank details and the IP of the member, will guarantee the peace and harmony of the Network...

Sometimes it will be warnings and other times it will be withdrawal and deletion of the account immediately. Abracada.FR, wants to be Humanist and NEVER Capitalist and Mercantile. Honest traders are welcome, scammers are asked to respect the philosophy of Abracada.FR or leave!

7°) The undeclared activities or illegal, are not allowed in our Network. Pornographic activities are prohibited on the English Newspaper, but free on YOUR English Newspaper Personal (unless violent or degrading). The stores or activities declared to the trade register, associations dealing with problems of sexuality or entertainment related à sexuality, to eroticism or to sensuality, will not be censored. For example, all artists are welcome and naughty or erotic, allowed, as long as they respect those who don't care.

8°) Free or Private Groups are managed by Administrators and Moderators. The Administrators, are therefore responsible for their Group and Abracada .FR, will not intervene, except if disrespectful or dangerous acts were there. For the rest, it will be up to the Administrators to set their limits in their Group, the Members, who can leave at; the Group at any time, if they no longer share the values ​​of the Group...

9°) Anything about defamant, offensive, violent or racist, will result in the immediate deletion of the account, seeing a ban à life. The Groups, committing serious acts, will also be deleted. Abracada.FR wants to be free of expression, since the dignity human is respected. As such, there will be no form of discrimination on our site, whether religious , racial, sexual or other.. .

10°) Abracada.FR is not responsible copyright on the photos, videos, files or posts, used on your account. You have full responsibility for it. In the event of a complaint against you regarding the use of copyrighted photos, Abracada.FR could be brought to delete the said photos or other media that do not respect the copyright or the conditions, see delete your account after warning, for serious cases of violation of copyright.

11°) By registering, you agree to respect the rules of Abracada.FR, in full knowledge of the facts.

If the conditions meet your expectations, you can now register. Abracada.FR thanks you for your trust and welcomes you!

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